How To Participate

Everybody in the world, who makes an instant photograph with his camera on the first Saturday in September, can upload it to this website where it will become part of the annual POLA-DAY gallery.

Find your own way to honor the Instantfilm. Photograph alone or with friends. Make your own POLA-DAY-Party. It does not matter how or what you do. But send us your pictures.

How to participate:
1. Take your picture on September 3rd 2016
2. Let it develop, manipulate if you wish – be creative
3. Send your Polaroids, Fuji Instax and Impossibles to until September 13th 2015 with

Website: or any other additional information you want us to publish.

This is an international event created to celebrate this fantastic cameras and films.

Let´s celebrate together the worldwide day of instant photography.

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