Help saving Packfilm!

Dear Friends of instant photography,

Fujifilm has ceased the production of FP-100C film. The last Packfilm available for Polaroid Packfilm-Cameras and Instant Filmbacks.
Please sign the petition of Francesco Gasperini and support this Campaign.
To stay updated please visit

FUJIFILM loves pola-day

And we love them too!
We love the cute and simply to use instax mini 7S, the wide 210 inspires us and we are completely addictet to the mini 50S.
And most of all – they still produce fresh Film for our Polaroid Packfilm Cameras.
What could be more evident then turning this love in an official Partnership.

be creative be instax

There is more in the Instant Photography world then Polaroid Cameras and Impossible Film.
Take superb wide format instant photos or stunning pictures that you can fit into a wallet.
FUJIFILM Instax film ensures sharp, clear reproduction, vivid color and natural skin tones.

So get yourself a FUJIFILM Instax Camera and start something new!